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The Studio


With a wish to bring Nørrebro a creative space that showcase both my own work and other artists that work with upcycling, Studio Soriano was created. 

I uses my space to produce my own upcycled products, but I also retail other peoples work. 

By doing this, I am able to create a community within the slow fashion industry. 

Studio Soriano often hots different event, that showcase other designs work. 

The space is only open by appointment. 

Made to order products and why this is important.

At Studio Soriano, we design and create uniquely crafted pieces with a strong emphasis on upcycling, circular design and craftsmanship.

Our collections are carefully handcrafted using up-cycled materials, making each piece truly unique. We believe in slow fashion, creating made to order pieces that are true to the bold and sporty look that we are known for. 


We strive to produce garments and bags that are not only stand out, but also conscious of our impact on the environment. We invite you to explore our collections and discover all the pieces we have to offer.


We get our materials from companies around Copenhagen. To make sure we keep our foot print down, we make sure to get materials that we can pick up by bike. 

At the moment we get a lot of tarpulin materials from Søndergaard Aps. We go out and pick out materials that are best in quality for our needs. What we can't use, we save for other projects, like filler for cushions. 

A new product line for home goods are made from an old banner donated from Son of a Tailor. 


We believe that most materials can be turned into something new and beautiful and we love working with unconventional materials.

We can help you become more sustainable within your company by letting you donate our "old"materials to the studio. 

Please get in touch if you have something we can take off your hands.

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