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WHO i am

My name is Melanie Soriano and I am the creator behind Studio Soriano. I am a garment technologist and designer with a bachelor degree in sustainable fashion. I want to create a space where I can focus on using different sustainable methods in my design approach incorporating  upcycling, zero waste, re-design and most important social responsibility. I was born in Nørrebro but raised in Amager. I moved back to Nørrebro in my early twenties.

I have a big passion for my local neighbourhood and I strive to give back in any way I can to my local community.

I do that by donating to local charities and my big dream is to create jobs within my company to the youth of Nørrebro. Providing a space for young people that otherwise don't have access to a creative environment and thereby hopefully giving them a chance for a future within the creative workforce. 

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