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By collaborating with local businesses, we can ensure that we are using the best materials available. We also strive to reduce our impact on the environment by utilizing resources that are already in circulation. Our collaborations create unique designs that bring value to our clients and to the brand that we collaborate with and the environment alike.

Brand Collaboration

Bronson Studio was a part of Chart art fair 2022. We created the cover for the pavilion and designed and created furniture made from old scraps from the studio and left over material from the pavilion.

Chart Art Fair- Furniture made from upcycled scraps.

Space10 had 10 limited edition computer bags made out of upcycled tarupulin that came from Chart art fair.

SPACE-10- Special made computer bags for Space10.

Spetakel Strik ordered a pencil case for knitting pins, for her Christmas Advent calendar. This case was special made for her brand.

SPETAKELSTRIK-Knitting case for an advent calendar for Spetakel Strik.

Catapult designed and built the stand for the UN. We created the cover for the stand made from upcycled tarpulin donated from Sønderggard.

Catapult- We made cover for the UN stand during folkemødet.

Together with Klub Venus we created a bag made from upcycled tarupulin for their products. This bag was a limited edition just for Klub Venus.

kLUB VENUS- Special made bags for their products.


We love to work together with other brands and companies so please fill out the form if you would like to work with us on a project.

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